About Us

Skittenz is based in Golden, Colorado. Every pair of Skittenz is made in Colorado. 

The idea for Skittenz arose in the parking lot of a ski resort as we watched skiers and snowboarders donning their colorful helmets, goggles, jackets, pants and graphic-designed socks (which they then covered with their boots and pants). But their gloves and mittens were all the same: colorless, patternless, boring. 

We constantly use our hands to express ourselves - shouldn’t our mittens or gloves do the same?

We thought about the many times we were lost on the mountain or separated from friends because they didn't have a trail map, their hands were too cold to take out their phone, or the phone was too cold to turn on. 

What if we could have a trail map literally in the palm of our hands?

And now we are here, in this little corner of the internet, brightening your day and helping you find your way, one pair of Skittenz at a time. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our story. We hope you enjoy your Skittenz!


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