What is a pair of Skittenz?

Skittenz are patent-pending skins that cover your gloves or mittens. They slide over your existing glove or mittens to add a layer of protection, wind resistance, water resistance, and colorful uniqueness. 


    Are Skittenz a pair of gloves or mittens?

    No, Skittenz are not a pair of gloves or mittens. Gloves or mittens are not included with your purchase. Skittenz slide over an existing pair of gloves or mittens. 

      If I only wear a pair of Skittenz while skiing or snowboarding, will they keep my hands warm?

      Probably not. If they are not used with an underlying pair of gloves or mittens then your hands will likely get cold. 

        Is there a thumb hole on a pair of Skittenz?

        Yes, each garment has a hole where the thumb of your underlying glove or mitten slides through. The thumb hole is always on the palm side. 

          How do I put on a pair of Skittenz

          Check to see where the thumb hole is. The thumb hole is always on the palm side. This will help you know which Skittenz is applied to your left or right glove or mitten. Then slide the Skittenz on using the logo pull tabs to help guide them over your jacket sleeves - this helps keep out snow from your cuff as well. 

            What size should I buy?

            See our Sizing Guide 


            Why would I want a pair of Skittenz?

            Sometimes you get lost on the mountain. Or sometimes you don't want to take out your cell phone or trail map because it's absolutely freezing. If you want the trail map in the palm of your hands while skiing or snowboarding then please check out our Trail Map Skittenz

            Or maybe you have boring, worn-looking gloves or mittens and want to give your comfy, but boring, gloves a fresh look to match your colorful ski outfit. If so, then please check out our vibrant Graphic Designed Skittenz